One Coder Agency Manifesto

Who Are We?

We’re a solopreneur who makes living building websites, apps, systems, or managing servers for clients.
The world called us “Freelancers” – but we’re more extensive than that.
We are problem solvers.
We are designers.
We are craftsmen.
We are creators.
We solve puzzles in creative ways, and our tools are programming languages.
Our output is software, which we deliver to our clients in the form of websites, apps, servers, or services.
To the outside world, we are being seen as the broke ‘artist’ that picks up scrappy projects just to make a few bucks to get by.
To our clients, we are their superheroes.
We’re here to turn dreams into reality – and reality into something better.
Our work is more than just a job – it’s who we are as people.
When we sit down to work, that’s when we come alive, and the world reacts to what we create – for the good of others in our communities, our clients who need help, and ourselves as well.
We’re the game-changer that brings our clients’ business to the next level.

We prioritize experiences over the end destination

It’s not just about the money.
Yes, we understand money is important, and we need it to pay the bills and put food on the table.
But we also understand that it should be more than just money.
It should also be about things that are meaningful to us.
We understand that sometimes we don’t get paid handsomely, and that’s ok.
We make money and get paid for our time on projects that excite us, not just the paycheck
We’re not here to just make money. 
We also want to make a difference in the world.
We value the journey we take more than the money we make.
It’s about the experience and making a difference.

We focus on finding & keeping high-value clients

We don’t need a dozen of clients.
We prioritize quality over quantity.
We choose to focus on finding & serving high-quality clients who regularly invest in their business and happy to pay us more money if we can bring in huge value to their business.
Our rate is at least 2X higher than what most people are charging.
By charging more, we only need a handful of clients to make a good living.
Without the fear of **Can’t make ends meet**, we can focus all our energy and time on giving our clients the best service.
We are intentional with our time and focus our efforts on exciting projects and serving the best clients.
We value our work and proud to step up, and say “I’m expensive, AND it’s going to worth every penny for you!”

We diversify our income

We don’t put all our eggs in one basket.
When the *drought* hits, our business will still survive because our income didn’t depend on one source.
We build products that can bring in passive income – even when we’re asleep or not working.
We focus on finding long-term clients that we want to work with.
We want to continue to provide more value to their business and put them into our retainer service, which will bring us a steady stream of income every month without depending on new projects.

We focus on becoming THE expert in our chosen field

We understand trust is SUPER important in this business.
Without it, we would never be able to deliver our best work.
Being THE expert in our field means:
  • We get to enjoy the high level of trust from our client and the sufficient space to do our best work.
  • We attract clients who can see big value working with us – without even trying.
That’s why we spent a portion of our time and energy cultivating our expert status.
We share our knowledge in meetups & workshops, write articles, create online courses.
We understand the effort we put in here will help us grow our authority status – which will spread our reputation to every possible corner of the market.
We **Pro Bono** for nonprofits because we understand the concept of “pay it forward.”
By helping these nonprofits achieve their goals, we get to spread our reputation among the nonprofits’ community, which will forge new connections that would bring in new business to our agency.
It’s also our way of contributing to the community without undermining our values as a web agency.
We want to do more good in the world, not just for our own business

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